Recent Cases

Examples of the kind of vital work that LDP money enables

Lawyers defend popular struggle leader who is repeatedly arrested and harassed
M. is one of the leaders of the popular struggle committee and a resident of Bilin. He has been targeted by the Israeli Army for over 10 years during which he was arrested dozens of times and indicted twice. On 07/10/2016 M’s car was taken by soldiers, who left a note on a cigarette box, saying the car was taken because it was found in a closed military zone. A few days later soldiers entered his house and took all the computers and cellular phones of his family. After appealing to court in order to return the car and the equipment, the court has decided to return it all to M. The car was returned 2 weeks later, the computers were not returned until today.

Facebook-user released on bail despite prosecution appeals
N. an activist from Beit Rima, was arrested 5/9/16 under suspicion of inciting on Facebook. In his indictment the prosecution detailed 5 posts N. has published between 2015 -2016 where he responded to recent events, especially regarding the deaths of young Palestinians caused by IDF forces. The prosecution asked to keep N. under arrest till the conclusion of all proceedings, but he was released on bail. The prosecution insisted on his arrest and appealed against the decision but N. was released again by the military court of appeals.  His trial is still ongoing.

Youth wrongly identified released in time for exams
M. a 17-year old activist from Ni’lin, was violently arrested by the military in his house in the middle of the night. He was then investigated under suspicions of stone throwing. He was arrested during his final exams period and was at risk of missing some of them. The police asked for an additional five days for investigation and provided the court with confidential evidence in order to justify the request. During the hearing it became clear that a photo that supposedly tied M. to the event wasn’t necessarily his. Thus the court released M. on bail. So far no charges were filed against him in relation to these events.

Lawyers defend peaceful demonstrator facing 5 indictments
F. an activist from Hebron, was arrested while participating in a protest against the army’s continued closure of Shuhada street in Hebron. It was a quiet and nonviolent protest that was immediately dispersed by the army without any reason. F was indicted with 5 different indictments including Incitement, breaching a closed military zone warrant, taking part in an illegal demonstration and disturbing a policeman in his work, all because of his presence in this demonstration. His trial is still ongoing.

Activist charged with stone throwing released after proving he had a broken leg at the time of the event
S. is one of over a dozen activists from Nabi Salah who were arrested following a long Israeli Security Service investigation of two other residents of the village. On the 31/01/16 military forces arrested S. in the middle of the night. He was then investigated under suspicion of stone throwing in one particular event. During his first investigation, S. had told the police investigator that his leg was broken and in plaster during the event he was accused of, meaning that he physically could not have committed the acts he was accused of. Yet, charges for stone throwing were filed against S. and the prosecution filed a request to keep him under arrest until the conclusion of the proceedings. Only two months later, on 29/05/16, the prosecution announced their intention to withdraw all charges and the court ordered S’s acquittal.